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PlayTally - Dive deep into your listening habit & see the music you love | Product Hunt

Get deeper insights into your Apple Music habits and library.

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Play-by-Play History

See what you listened to on any given date.* Create playlists from your history.

Track Your Top Songs

Create Replay-like lists of your top songs for any time period.*

Earn Awards

Unlock badges as you listen more and grow your music collection.

* PlayTally records its own data and can not access playback history prior to when it was installed.

Play back your top songs. Anytime.

With PlayTally, you can create Replay-like lists of your top songs of the week, month, or year. In fact, you can create top songs lists for any time period. And since PlayTally lists are calculated dynamically there's no waiting for weekly updates.

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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is PlayTally?
Pretty accurate, but nothing's perfect. The more frequently the app scans, the more accurate it will be. This is because each time PlayTally scans your library, it can only see the time stamp of the most recent play. If a song has been played more than once since the last scan, PlayTally will make its best guess.

I recommend keeping "Background Scan" enabled. This will allow PlayTally to scan the library periodically in the background (at times designated by iOS itself, but about every five minutes or so).
Can I track multiple devices?
PlayTally scans the copy of the Library that exists on the device running it. You can easily sync data from multiple devices by enabling the Sync Library option in iOS Music Settings.

It is normal for playback data to take a while to sync via iCloud Music Library. A delay of several minutes to several hours is not unusual. If you suspect PlayTally has missed data, there is a manual scan option to detect it.
What happens to my data?
Nothing. Your data is stored on device (and optionally to iCloud) using the Core Data with CloudKit framework. Your data never leaves the Apple ecosystem is never shared with any third parties.
Why can't I see all my past history?
PlayTally history is based on the data it records. Which kinda makes sense, when you think about it.
Why don't the lifetime stats in the History and Browse tabs match?
Stats in the browse tab are calculated based on the play counts provided by your Apple Music library. The History tab, on the other hand, shows stats based on the playback history events that PlayTally records itself.
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